alpaca princess (renniekins) wrote,
alpaca princess

In Which I Try To Bribe The United Parcel Service

Sometime last week I decided to splurge, and I ordered myself a fancy new colored printer off of Ebay. I do not have a reliable printer in my house. I have two very old ones that don't work well, and a less-old-but-not-actually-mine one. So the gist of it is that I can't really print anything of a quality that I like anymore. Also, even if I just want to print out a single photo, I need to take a disk to a drug store, which is a pain. I want something that will allow me to print stuff like letters, web pages, and the occasional photo at home. impulsive night I zipped out to Ebay, looked around at printers for a bit, and picked out one that I thought looked cool and reasonably-priced. I didn't put nearly as much research into it as I probably "should" have, but generally if I research things too carefully I end up paralyzed by indecision and a desire to find the Perfect Deal. (Consider, for example, the fact that 2 years later I still have not purchased a new bicycle (although I'm gonna - soon!).)

Anyway, that brings us to friday evening when I got home from work. On my door was a UPS sticker. They had tried to deliver my package, but it required a person to accept the package and personally sign for it. A personal signature?! What's up with that?

I have had tons of things delivered to my home, and they are always just left on my porch. I've never had a problem with it. I can't believe these evil people are withholding my printer for a live signature. I'm so bummed...I've really been looking forward to playing with my new printer.

What to do? I live alone, and I work all day. I could have it dropped at a neighbor's, but I'd rather not bug the nice woman across the street if I don't have to. Also, the whole reason I ordered it online was because I'm not very mobile yet, and I didn't want to try to carry it home from anywhere. After fuming about it for awhile, I decided to try the following:

On personalized stationary, I wrote a polite note. Here's the basic gist of it. "Dear UPS Person, I work until 6, so I probably won't be home when you visit. I live in a very safe neighborhood. Please just leave the package on my porch, this has always worked fine in the past. cheers, Renniekins"

I then signed it, and I signed the back of the delivery slip. I also filled up a zip-lock bag with candy, and taped it to the bottom of the note with a "PS - for you!" added, and a smiley face.

I taped the whole collection to my front door, and crossed my fingers. Hopefully the UPS person likes candy, and/or takes pity on me. Hopefully tonight I'll find my shiny new printer on my porch instead of another depressing note on my door.

Wish me luck!! Think package-leaving thoughts, think package-leaving thoughts, think package-leaving thoughts.....
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