alpaca princess (renniekins) wrote,
alpaca princess

Target Danger

When I walked into Target this evening after work, I was immediately distracted by the cute juniors clothing. I browsed through the silly t-shirts, and then convinced myself that I did not need to buy any capris right now. After looking through more of the sporting clothes, I found my attention caught by the Home Decor section.

Picture frames! I need picture frames...I have all kinds of photographs just leaning against my books, because they have no frames. So I looked at everything and finally settled on 3 nice ones. One metal, one purple acrylic, and one wooden.

I pushed my cart out of the Home aisle, and started walking down the main aisle of Target, looking around. I walked past two more branches, checking to see if they held anything I was looking for.... It was around then that I stopped and asked myself aloud, "Why am I here?"

I couldn't remember. I no longer had any idea what I was shopping for, or why I'd thought that stopping at Target was what I wanted to do.

Well. Hopefully, I thought, if I just keep shopping, I'll find whatever it is I'm looking for.

I continued to push my cart down the aisles, looking at everything, stopping at whatever caught my eye. I was in a random and spontaneous mood, and things kept jumping into my cart. Cat stuff. A new razor. A carbon monoxide detector. An outdoor thermometer. New shoes (ooh, that was one of my original goals, I realized! I wanted some cheap flat-soled shoes for work!). Dish-washing detergent. Four boxes of facial tissues. Printer paper (ah-ha, another planned item! I wanted photo paper to try in my new printer just in case it arrived.). Breakfast bars.

I was pretty out of control, and I was even trying to practice some restraint! I put back the 3 12-packs of Diet Pepsi I'd started to pack into my cart. I convinced myself that I didn't need an iron, batteries, new pillows, a storage bin, nor an 8-to-1 memory card reader. I forcefully told myself I wasn't allowed to buy any food, because I was hungry. (Somehow the breakfast bars sneaked their way in anyway.)

Almost one hundred seventy-five exhausting dollars later I staggered out of the store, my cart laden down with all kinds of stuff I hadn't known I needed. Target is a dangerous place, especially when I am tired, hungry, and forgetful. I couldn't even carry all of that crap into my house; I left the (quite heavy) cat litter and cat food in my trunk. I'll deal with it soon, when the cats need it...they don't just yet.

On the plus side, my efforts to bribe the UPS were successful! The bag of candy was gone, and the printer was left by my side door, tucked under the newly-removed lid of my recycle bin. Much rejoicing commenced.

Unfortunately now that I've eaten and had A over to pick up her team photo, I'm too tired to actually try setting it up. I'll have to play with it tomorrow. Something to look forward to, at least....

[update: It turns out I was wrong. I'm not capable of leaving my shiny new printer unopened and going to bed at a decent hour. It's 2am. I've set it up and played with it; I've printed out two very cool photos, and I'm happy with my new toy! Now I must go to sleep.]
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