alpaca princess (renniekins) wrote,
alpaca princess

Limping For The Cure

It's friday, and that makes me happy. I had a nice night last night, and that makes me even happier! I'm looking forward to the weekend, because I have all kinds of exciting things planned.

Examples of weekend excitingness: sleep in, pay bills, shop for bike, shop for mothers day, bake cookies for nice lawn-mowing neighbor, take some photos, take walk, do mothers day dinner. (Heh. Okay, maybe not really that exciting.)

And why oh why am I taking photos, you might ask? Well for the exciting charity photo giveaway, of course. Click the link for the details in my earlier post. (Note: that entry used to be friends-only, but I've recently made it public because a couple of people linked to it.)

I am looking forward to doing custom photos for y'all; I think it will be fun. However some people have donated but not requested photos yet. I'm going to do a photo for you anyway, whether you request one or not! So you should request something, or at least point me in a direction you'd find interesting/ amusing/ entertaining/ whatever.

Anyway, I'll be Racing For The Cure (or in my case, it will be more of a Limp For The Cure) on June 5th -- that's less than a month away! I'm looking forward to it; it will be a good knee-goal. It will also be the coolest little brother in the world's birthday that day, so maybe it will also be a bit of a Limp For Bro's Birthday.

Although what is most important to me is helping to fight breast cancer. That's why I'm offering a fun incentive to anyone who helps out. If anybody else would like me to customize photo to your request, just donate to this very worthy cause, and I will happily take (just about) any picture you'd like. (PG-13, folks, and nothing that might result in police involvement...but other than that I'll try to fulfill whatever you want!)
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