alpaca princess (renniekins) wrote,
alpaca princess

Examples of My Freakishness

I have mosquito bites on my feet and ankles, from sitting outside in my capri pants and sandals saturday night. I have already scratched the tops off of most of them. I'm not capable of leaving mosquito bites alone. I guess summer is officially here...although that feels strange to say, since it was cold enough this morning that I wore my leather jacket to work. And I turned on the heater in my car. Brr!

The bathroom in my office building has a hand lotion dispenser. This is really great, except that there are two doors I need to open to walk from the bathroom to my desk. If I apply lotion in the bathroom, then my hands are all slimy and over-moisturized when I go to open the doors. It makes them slippery, and it certainly is likely to leave an unpleasant surprise for the next person to use the door.

To resolve this issue, I always squirt a little bit of lotion into the palm of my left hand. I then walk back to my desk, opening both doors with my right hand, cupping my little pool of lotion in my left hand. I look like an idiot, carrying lotion down the hallway, but at least I don't slime the door handles.

I had a turkey sandwich for lunch today. I hadn't thought there would be cheese on it, but they ended up putting swiss cheese on it. (They also skipped the cucumbers. I wonder if they made me a different sandwich than the one I ordered?) Anyway, I never used to like swiss cheese. As I bit into it, I thought to myself, "Oh, I taste swiss cheese, ick." But then as I chewed, I found myself thinking, "Wait, actually this tastes pretty good!"

So maybe I like swiss cheese now. But only sort of. My new appreciation did not quite last as long as did the sandwich. By the last bite, I was thinking to myself, "Oh no, there's another big hunk of swiss cheese in this bite too; that last bite had too much." So I pulled the cheese out of the last bite and left it on the plate. Take that, swiss cheese!
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