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Race For The Cure!

Yesterday was the Race For The Cure. I successfully walked 3.2 miles, or 5K. It took me about 1 hour and 15 minutes. I was no speed demon, but I did it!

It was a beautifully warm sunny day, perfect for walking. Over 23,000 people swarmed the downtown streets, all united in a common goal. Women in pink hats, breast cancer survivors, were everywhere. Lots of participants wore signs on their backs, stating things like, "I'm walking in celebration of my mother," or "I'm running in memory of my sister," with names, pictures, and stories to tell.

There were pink ribbons tied to fences and trees all along the race route. There were also bands, cheerleaders with pom-poms, people holding signs, and all manner of folk along the streets watching the show and cheering on the runners/walkers.

(Cool thing to note about the above photo: you can see the walkers in the street, reflected in the shiny black lettering.)

The race began and ended at the new Detroit Tigers baseball park, complete with a giant concrete tiger dripping with pink ribbons. I completed the entire race on my feet, and although I had to go kind of slowly and limp a bit toward the end, I really felt very good. I was very sore for the rest of the day, but today I feel almost back to normal. (um, normal as in "how I felt friday," not normal as in "how I felt before I messed up my knee," of course!)

See, I actually did it! Here is me with the tiger, post-walk, still smiling even. I'm wearing my "Team Ford Race for the Cure" t-shirt that C was cool enough to get for me, and I have my race number pinned to it. I was joined by my mom (complete with pink cap), my dad, my sister, and C.

In my Photos For The Cure fundraiser, I managed to raise $447! I am so thrilled that so many kind people helped out with this cause. I noticed on the website that we can actually continue contributing money thru July 9, so if anybody still wants to, please feel free. The photo offer still stands, of course! If you would prefer to contribute by mail, you can do so via this form, or by contacting me directly.
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