alpaca princess (renniekins) wrote,
alpaca princess

Horrible Giant Bug

I was walking out of my bathroom, when I noticed a Horrible Giant Bug walking across the hallway. "Uelchk!" I exclaimed.

I glanced around for somebody to do something about it, and I saw my kitten sitting in the hall just a foot or two away. In fact, the Horrible Giant Bug was heading straight toward her. So I said to her, "Look, a Horrible Giant Bug! Do something about it."

The kitten looked up at me, with wide inquisitive eyes. "You know," I clarified. "Like eat it, or kill it, or..."

At this point the Horrible Giant Bug continued in its path straight toward her, and it actually ran into her front paw. She skittishly jumped, then she scampered a few steps away.

"...or run away from it," I finished unenthusiastically. Then I sighed, picked up a nearby shoe, and tossed it at the Horrible Giant Bug -- I was too creeped out to get any closer. It looked like some nasty combination of an ant on steroids and a giant wasp without wings. *shudder*

It took two tosses, but it was eventually squished. Then I wadded up a bunch of toilet paper and scraped the Horrible Giant Bug into the toilet.

But I forgot to flush the toilet, so it freaked me out all over again when I went to use the toilet a little while later....
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