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3 months post-ACL

Yesterday at PT, we realized it was the 12-week anniversary of my knee surgery. That means I've hit that magical "3-month" mark, where the tendon graft is officially supposed to be firmly attached and converted into a pseudo-ligament. (That is, if you go in terms of weeks, which seems to be what medical people do. Otherwise I have to wait until June 25th for the anniversary.)

So my knee is allegedly stable now -- although I'm waiting 'til my surgeon confirms it on monday. The muscles are still very weak, and there is still a lot of pain and stiffness remaining in the joint. I definitely don't feel normal yet! I have a lot of work to do before I'm fully healed (probably still 3 to 5 months away by medical timelines).

On the plus side, this means I probably get to stop going to physical therapy! That will be nice, because these 2 hour appointments 3 times a week for 3 months have been a huge time and energy drain. On the minus side, once I don't have any appointments scheduled it will be a lot easier to blow off the exercises I need to do to get better.

The less work I do, the longer it will take to heal and the less I'll be able to do. I need to keep that in mind and stay diligent. My PT place offers a "fitness club" membership for ex-patients; it is quite a bit pricier than normal gyms, but it might be worth it, at least for the next 3 months. I already know the equipment; I know the people there, and I know they are great at providing individual attention and help. Plus I can talk to the therapists if I have questions and such.

There are two excellent reasons I need to keep working hard and follow the exercises I've been given: (1) I want my knee to get strong and functional again, and (2) I need to lose weight! I've only gained about 6 or 8 pounds, but it's bugging me. That much makes a difference on somebody as short as I am. My pants all fit weird, and I and feel awkward and uncomfortable. I want to change the direction my weight is going now, while it's still fairly manageable.

Biking will definitely help. Getting a gym membership of some sort will help also once I stop doing the therapy.... Now I just have to wait for my doctor appointment on monday, to see what he says.
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