alpaca princess (renniekins) wrote,
alpaca princess

Don't you just hate that?

Don't you hate it when you pull into a parking lot, and you see somebody half-pulled out into the aisle, in your way, but she's not going any further, just futzing around in her purse? And you wait patiently for her, but she ignores you? And then you finally get annoyed and start to pull around her, and of course that's when she finally starts moving, right toward you?

Don't you hate it when you order one of those salads in the grocery deli, and it looks like it is full of yummy tomatoes, but they turn out to be red peppers instead? And you don't like red peppers? And the whole salad is kinda ruined, but you have to pick around them and eat it anyway, because this is all you have for lunch?

Don't you hate it when you stop for gas, and you spontaneously decide to use the station's no-touch car wash, and you say 'yes' when the thing asks you, but then it asks you which kind of wash you want but you were busy removing the gas cap so you miss it? Then you don't know which option to choose? So you're waiting for it to repeat your choices, but it decides you didn't want a car wash after all? But you really do want a car wash, so you drive around to it after you pump your gas, but then you have to pay an extra dollar because the machine-thing doesn't know you just got gas, and you're too trapped to just back out and drive away once you realize there isn't a human attendant?

Don't you hate it when you decide to go to Burger King because for some reason you've been craving a whopper all day, and when you get to the drive thru you think that onion rings would be a nice addition, so then you order your whopper "no onions" because you don't like raw onions on your burgers, and then right when you're about to add "and some onion rings" you feel this flash of stupidity because you are worried what the minimum-wage-paid headphone-wearing teenager might think of your meal? And you don't know how to explain that you like cooked onions but not raw ones? So in a panic you blurt out "small fries" instead of onion rings, even though you didn't want fries? And then you feel like you have to eat the damn things, or at least some of them, because you paid for them?

Yeah, me too. I hate when that happens.
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