alpaca princess (renniekins) wrote,
alpaca princess

Babies and Marriage and Green Cookies

I had a good Saturday. It started out at an outdoor baby shower, where I got sunburned. One of those weathers where it was quite cold in the shade but hot in the sun. I kept taking my jacket off then putting it back on, all afternoon.

There was a woman there, in her 40's, who has been married for 8 years. But she ranted on and on to SG, telling her that getting married wasn't worth it. That it changes the way a couple behaves to one another. It was an interesting conversation, especially since she was undoing all of the hard work SG's friends have invested in trying to convince her that marriage is a good idea! Actually that's not really true -- after all I am sure SG will do what she thinks is best regardless of others' opinions.

Still, it was interesting hearing various girls' perspectives on marriage. I didn't really participate, but I listened -- I didn't have much to offer, given that I'm not married, have never been married, and am not seriously involved with anybody right now. The various perspectives of the women (one happily married but recommending against it, one divorced but happily remarried, and one divorced but about to remarry, and one in a serious relationship but not married) intrigued me. Especially after hearing about my coworker's coming divorce, and all the thinking I've been doing about that. Fascinating and complicated stuff, relationships and marriages.

After the baby shower, I bought some bike gloves and went for a bike ride. The gloves are a bit too big for me (darn alleged xs that really aren't), but I think they will help anyway if I mess around with their positioning a bit.

After that, I got together with F and we went to the inaugural Meals On Reels event! There was a pretty good turnout. I only knew the hosts, but since they are great people I was sure their friends would be cool too. As it turned out F knew one of their friends, so that made things more interesting. Lots of fun conversations were had.

We ate green food (including a yummy green cookie that looked like Cartman) and watched Soylent Green. It was a really good time, although very chilly for a summer evening (we watched the movie outside, which was really neat, but we had to huddle under blankets to ward off hypothermia). I had intended to wear my new green shirt in honor of the greenness of the event, but when I put it on over a long-sleeved undershirt, it looked too tight. I knew nobody would notice it except me, but I would be self-conscious and uncomfortable...and that's no good! So I put on a baggier yellow t-shirt instead, and I felt better. Not that it mattered much in the end, because I never took off my leather jacket.

It was a great way to end the day, and I'm looking forward to the next one soon.
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