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Yesterday I was so allergy-plagued that I couldn't stop sniffing and sneezing long enough to have a phone conversation. This morning, also very stuffy. Right now? I can breath freely, and I have no urge to sneeze whatsoever. Could this be the result of an Allegra-D I tried earlier this morning? Could it be because I have been in my office, not breathing the outside air, since 9am this morning? Something else? I'm not sure, but I like it.

This morning I got up extra-early to drive my sis to work, since her car is ill. I was very tired, bleary-eyed, and exhausted driving to work. Right now I feel energetic, wide-awake, and not the least bit hungry. Could it be because of the 3 shots of espresso I had this morning? Could it be because of the Allegra-D I took earlier? Something else? I'm not sure, but I like it.

I'm also feeling flighty and distracted, although that's been my state of mind for a long time now. Here is a train of thought I just had at least 3 times in the last half hour or so: "I'm bored. I'll check my friends page. Wait, aren't I supposed to be working right now? Oh, right. What am I working on? Oh yes, I wanted to check my code fixes into source control. Oh that's right, the source control server is down. I was waiting for its return. Well, I guess I'll check my friends page again..." I'm forgetful, less productive, and my mind wanders in circles. Could this be due to any of the above things? Something else? I don't know, but this gets frustrating, and I don't like it.

I'm terrible with causal relationships. If I knew what factors influenced things like my mood, my health, and my attention span, I would do something about it. But I rarely have any idea, so I'm at the mercy of whatever state I happen to end up in. It probably doesn't help that a lot of influences tend to change with use.

Along with trying to work today, I've also been reading a bunch of cell phone reviews and stuff. Right now I'm considering the Samsung i500 and the Treo 600, or maybe the Kyocera 7135, but I keep changing my mind. I really wanted a tiny phone, but the more I think about it, I don't really need my phone to be wearable. I just like the idea of forgetting it less often. But I'm so short, clipping large gadgets to my pants/belt/person is annoying. Plus, it's not like any of my tech toys are especially wearable right now, so I wouldn't be losing anything. I'd love it if I could conveniently combine phone and Palm functionalities.

I've heard bad things about Sprint. But then, you hear bad things about all providers, depending on who you talk to. So darned if I really know what's really ideal!
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