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After arguing and begging and getting headache after headache at work, I have finally convinced them I needed a bigger monitor! Even after that, it took forever, but today....ah, today the legends became reality and I have a (slightly) bigger monitor.

It's still only a 17", which in most high tech environments would be considered fairly ludicrous, but it's way better than my puny little 15" I was using. (Darn insurance company.) Just terribly difficult to code when you can only see a fraction of what you're writing, and JBuilder, while a great tool, really uses up a ton of screenspace. I had to either adjust it so that all the text was comfortable to read but I had to constantly scroll around to see most of my code (greatly reducing my productivity), or get a majority of the code to fit but have it be too small to read without straining, especially by the end of the day.

Anyway, my new and bigger screen looks nice, and I'm happy. At least for now - heehee.
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