alpaca princess (renniekins) wrote,
alpaca princess

Sister Snippets

My sister came over the other afternoon to help paint my new chairs. As we passed by the garage, she saw my newly planted annuals. "What are those?"

"Flowers," I told her. To me it was obvious.

"But they're not flowers. They're just green."

I looked again. She was right: there were no blooms. "Well, they will be flowers." (What do you call a flower that's not flowering? Potential flower? Plant? Weed?)

Later on, we went into my house. She went and looked at my fish tank. "What happened to your Sucky Fish?" she asked me, "It's gone!"

I reassured her, "No, it's still there. It's just pink now, and smaller. And female."

"Oh. Um. I thought that meant it was a..." (puzzled pause) "...different fish."

We have a whole different way of seeing and remembering the world, I guess. One time at a skating competition, some music came on that sounded familiar. I asked her, "Have we skated to this music before?"

"Yes, of course. It was the Switzerland year, the blue dresses, remember? First we were in the pinwheel, and then we came out into the three lines, and then we did the block...."

She trailed off as she saw me staring blankly at her. In awe I commented, "Wow, you remember so much!"

"You don't remember it? It was just three years ago."

"I remember that we wore blue."
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