alpaca princess (renniekins) wrote,
alpaca princess

5.33 Miles

Yay, I went for another bike ride this evening! This time I averaged 12.4 mph. Wow, that's way better than the 10 mph I started out at. Still not amazing, but I'm getting better. My knee hurts less, and I'm able to push the pedals more...but I'm still not strong enough to pedal while standing yet (not to mention the fact that I'm scared to).

Actually, I've gone for a (small) handful of bike rides recently. Sunday I rode for 5 miles, and a week ago Saturday I rode for a whopping EIGHTEEN MILES! That was pretty cool; it's the longest bike ride I've been on since I got this bike. In fact, aside from my crazy no-preparation 40-mile tandem ride last fall, I think it's my longest ride in about 2 years -- since I've been bike-less for almost that long.

I'd like to go on more longer rides, but it's hard since I've been working late recently. I wish I could ride with my bike club (which I joined for speedskating purposes, but that doesn't matter, I'm still a member), but it looks like even their "recovery" rides are around 14 mph. That's probably too fast for me. I was going 14 and 15 mph some of the time, but I don't think I'd be able to maintain it. Entry level pace is 16-18 mph! I guess that'll be my goal. But it might be awhile.

My sister has this idea that we should ride in a Century bike ride in the fall. That's 100 miles, all at once. It might be interesting to note at this point that, since I bought this bike, I have only ridden around 90 miles total. She has ridden even less this summer. So I'm not sure that's such a good idea....

She's also suggested that maybe we're better off just doing a "metric century", which is 100 KM, or around 62 miles. That sounds a bit more manageable. I like the idea of doing some kind of bike ride at the end of the summer, having something to aim for. Plus, it will be good for my knee to work it harder.
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