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Weekend part II, and today

Well, I am feeling way more incredibly better today. Got a good dinner, plus tons of sleep last night, which was wonderful. Today I feel positively human!

Some things I forgot to mention in my original weekend report:

L got to skate in the competition, which was great for her even though the reason the other girl couldn't skate was sad. She did a great job. Actually both our alternates skated, and did wonderfully.

Pete drew a sketch for me! So now I have original artwork of his - too cool. He did Zoe, with Bunbun on one shoulder and Kiki on the other. Also, he signed a couple other things for me, and I got a new shirt and hat.

B gave me some presents to go with my new camera, to make it more useful. B is wonderful!

I went to the "Sex Tips for Boys" panel, which was funny, although not terribly useful for me.

umm, that's all I can remember, and all I have to say for now. Just got some bad news, so I'm very sad right now actually. Not my news, but a close friend's. But it affects me anyway. I hurt because he's hurting, and also because...well, it's complicated. But I'm thinking of him and praying for him and his family right now.
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