alpaca princess (renniekins) wrote,
alpaca princess

What to do next?

I have been spending a lot of time recently thinking about the direction I would like my life to take next. I feel as though I have been "treading water" for quite some time now, and it is time for me to start swimming again. I am dissatisfied with my current job, mostly because I feel that I have simply been here too long. I am dissatisfied with my current life, mostly because I feel that it is too ordinary. I can and should be doing more with my life than coding for an insurance company, raising cats, and playing sports. The world is out there waiting for me to make a difference in it, and here I am mowing my grassweeds.

So I feel it is time for a change. In fact, I feel as though my life has reached a bit of a turning point. My knee injury has caused me to stop a lot of the stuff I used to do. I need to finish getting my knee fixed, then go do other things. Better things. More interesting things. Or at the very least...different things.

So I have spent a lot of time brainstorming in the past weeks/months about what I would like to do next. What would best use and focus my energies and skills? I think with enough determination I can do anything I want to do -- but I need to decide what I want to be determined about.

Here are some various things I have brainstormed and tossed around. For now, I'm not going to elaborate on anything, just list it out:

  • Find a new job doing similar stuff, but one that pays a whole lot better and has more interesting tasks.
  • Find a tech job in another place, maybe Chicago or New York or San Diego. I'd probably need a raise for that.
  • Find a tech job in another country! Preferably English-speaking though. This may require a pay cut, but it would be exciting and different.
  • Continue with my current job and go back to school, get a masters degree in some technology area that intrigues me.
  • Quit work altogether and go back to school full-time. Live in the dorms!
  • Quit work altogether, rent out my house, move to a tiny apartment in a small town, live off my savings, and try to write seriously for a year or so. See if I have something to say.
  • Get out of the corporate world and use my tech skills to work for a non-profit charitable organization that I really believe in. Example: Habitat For Humanity (which currently has two job postings for which I'm very qualified (does anybody know anything about Habitat or about Americus, Georgia?)). I would love not to feel competitive about salaries and technology and crap, and I think if I believed in the work I did, money would not be as important.

That's all that currently come to mind, at least the life-changing ones. I have other ideas, but they are more minor, and they depend on what these larger items do or do not turn out to be.

If anybody reading this has any opinions on my lists, or if you have any additional ideas about what you can see me doing, or not doing, I am very open to suggestions and comments. All feedback is welcome!
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