alpaca princess (renniekins) wrote,
alpaca princess

Random stuff from the past few days? Yeah, I can type about that for awhile.

Monday morning dawned with a flat tire. I didn't notice it at first, just jumped in my car and started driving to work. Then I heard a weird noise coming from the back. I hoped it was just the radio, so I turned it off. Weird noise kept going. "Hmmm," I thought, and slowed down to listen better. Weird noise stopped! "Hooray!", and I sped back up. Weird noise resumed. "Darn, guess I better take a look."

So I stopped the car, climbed out, and there was the flat, in the tire right behind me. It wasn't quite 100% flat, just mostly. I bit my lip nervously: I really had no interest in changing the tire. Glanced about -- "Hey, I'm just a couple of blocks from Belle Tire!" So I decided it was close enough to drive to, jumped back in, and limped my car into the Belle Tire parking lot.

That was fun. Fortunately they didn't take tooo long, and I was only about an hour later to work than planned.

Except when I walked to a gas station for a bite to eat while I was waiting, some rude guy came zooming up in the right-turn lane, almost not noticing me walking peacefully right in front of him. He stopped short and I stopped short, and I gave him a sort of a "wtf" gesture, then resumed my walk. I'm glad he stopped; that would have delayed me a lot longer!

This morning it was raining on my house. And it was raining on my office. But most of the miles inbetween were not raining. What this means is that everywhere I walked, I got rained on. But when I was in the shelter of my car? No rain. I think the universe is just doing its best to get me wet. (Now that I'm inside? No more rain.)

I went skating last night, for the second time since surgery! It felt better than the first time; I could bend more. But it still hurt. I suppose that's to be expected still. I keep meaning to do open skating at lunch times, to gradually get some of that strength and flexibility back. But I'm always too busy at lunch to go anywhere.

I met a random guy at SG's house the other night who claimed to be an orthopedic surgeon. He said I'm two thirds of the way there, that I "should be able to do anything" when I hit six months. (I just hit four months two days ago!) I put it in my calendar. Then, of course, he back-pedaled and said I should ask my own doctor, and that although I could try anything at that point I shouldn't expect to be able to do everything at 100% yet. Yeah yeah, I know. It's in my calendar anyway. I'm holding him to it.

He also said that although my bones are healed now, the new ligament itself is actually at its most fragile, because it is busy building new blood vessels and stuff in there. That's something I didn't know. I didn't even know my body would hook it up as living tissue, I kinda thought it remained "foreign". Interesting.

I'm trying today to go without my magic new zyrtek allergy pill, to see if my allergies have gone away. (They are usually not nearly as bad as they were last week.) I brought one with me though, in case I decide I want it after all.

Update! Here's a monolog I had run through my head a few minutes ago: "I really need to go to the bathroom. Why do I have to go again? I just went to the bathroom! Why so soon? Wait, did I really go to the bathroom? I don't remember. I remember wanting to go to the bathroom, I remember planning to go to the bathroom, but I wonder... no, I don't think I actually went to the bathroom. I must have gotten distracted. Okay, that makes sense. This is still just the original bathroom urge; I feel better."

Sometimes I think my brain is broken.
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