alpaca princess (renniekins) wrote,
alpaca princess

The Dangerous Door, Part II

Here it is, the Dangerous Door, live and in person. Um well, actually it's not alive, and it's not a person. Here it is, inanimate, and in doorway! Okay, never mind, that's not working. But this is the real thing, complete with new glass.

I spent this afternoon it my parents' house, hostessing their Open House while they were in Chicago looking at new apartments. My childhood home went on the market this weekend. It's kind of weird, imagining some other family living there someday. Imagining what they will do with the place. One couple was talking about knocking out a wall! But that's where the piano needs an inside wall....

But it's also neat, in its own way. They are doing something they've wanted to do for awhile, and they aren't going all that far away. For me, it's almost like I'm moving somewhere new, without the burden of actually packing up my stuff and moving. My parents are moving away, and my childhood home is becoming somebody else's.

I have more to say, but I'm tired. It's been a long weekend, I was at work lots of yesterday, and work starts again tomorrow. Fortunately I had a really good evening to make up for it....hopefully eventually I'll have time to write about it!
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