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Midas Touch

How many hearts have you broken
How many men have you lost
How many times have we spoken
When I couldn't get the point across
How many times have we stood here
Waiting for your prince to arrive
How many shoulders to cry on
Does it take to keep the dream alive

How many tears have you tasted
How many drinks have we shared
How many nights have been wasted
'Cause you thought that there was no one there
How many times will you call me
Looking for a little relief
How many nights will I wait here
Smiling in disbelief

You go home to your lover
I go home to my room
You go home to discover
If you've spoken too soon
I will wait in the window
'Cause there's nothing that I can do

How many times have I wondered
How many years it would take
'That you'll see the delusion you're under
That you wouldn't make the same mistake
How many times must I watch you
Throwing all your secrets away
How many men will it take you
To save them for a rainy day

You go back to your lover
I go back to my home
You go back to recover
From those evenings alone
You can choose where you find me
I'm so used to being on my own

And I feel like I'm lost in the middle
Just a little bit caught in the crush
Watching you working
Searching for the Midas Touch

And with all the perfect strangers
Who are vying for attention
You will learn that nothing changes
'Cept the names you have to mention
There is safety in the numbers
There is safety being sure
That there's a safety net below you
That will save you from the cure

And the only real advantage
In returning to the fold
Is the words you take for granted
And the shelter from the cold
You will back away until you're
Facing someone more familiar
Who will fill your dreams of loneliness
With promises of gold

You'll go on with your lovers
I'll go on with the fight
You'll go under the covers
Just to stay out of sight
I will be there like a shadow
'Cause I'm so tired of saying good night
Why would you choose
Someone who loves you too little
Over someone who loves you too much
Leaping and lurching, Searching for the Midas Touch
Leaping and lurching, Searching for the Midas Touch
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