alpaca princess (renniekins) wrote,
alpaca princess

Pig Pen

This is my Pig Pen. No, I'm not talking about the dirty-but-lovable Peanuts character. Nor am I talking about a cage in which to keep swine. It's an actual ink pen. For writing. See?

It's just a vendor giveaway from some conference C went to. But I love my pig pen. I take it with me to all of my meetings and conference calls and such. I feel it makes the whole painful experience more whimsical. A pen, shaped like a pig -- who could not be cheered?

When I am especially bored during conference calls, I amuse myself by attempting to hang the pig part on my nose. The pig shape is almost a closed circle, so it hangs on hooks and such very nicely. Unfortunately (in this instance) my nose is not hook-shaped, so it doesn't work. It generally falls off immediately. But at least it's something to do. Just sitting around listening to people talking over a speakerphone gets old after awhile.

Edit: This is cool...Toogle! text picture of me, text picture of my cat
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