alpaca princess (renniekins) wrote,
alpaca princess

Dancing Hedges

Last night, after battling my hedge with my sister's help all afternoon, I met the girls at Luna's Fuck Work party for a little while. The funny thing is: I don't even like to say the word fuck. Not that I'm incapable of saying it -- it's just that the English language is so vast, it seems silly to use the same word all the time. Furthermore, if you don't swear often, it is far more effective when you actually do.

All of that said, I now have a bumper sticker and a tiny little tank top with the slogan. I'm not quite sure what I'll do with either! Well, the tank I'll probably wear to the bar next time I go. The bumper sticker isn't going on my car, but I'll try to find a good place for it.

Since I was hurrying off to the bar at kind of the last minute, I didn't have time to wash up after the hedge-battle. I just brushed all of the twigs and leaves our of my hair, then I slicked it back into pig-tails. My theory was: with luck, the pig-tails would look cute enough that nobody would notice how dirty my hair still was!

To complete the ensemble, I wore the most appropriate shirt I could find. It has an adorable pink bunny on it wearing a straight-jacket. Underneath it says, "Cute But Psycho". I think it went well with the pig-tails, not to mention my general personality.

It was fun; I saw a bunch of friends, and did a little bit of dancing. We didn't stay long, because we still had a euchre appointment to keep. I finished off the evening winning a game of euchre, then headed home to bed.

Today, I completed the hedge-war, and I believe that I won. My many sore muscles and the multitude of scratches on my arms and hands might say otherwise, but wait until you see the hedge pictures I will post soon! Then you will see true defeat.

But for now, given that I'm totally worn out, I'm going to try to go to bed a tiny bit early. Hopefully fun hedge pictures will come tomorrow.
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