alpaca princess (renniekins) wrote,
alpaca princess

The Dark Ages

So my house is slowly falling apart. I currently have no telephone, no cable modem, and no cable television. Been that way since Thursday or Friday. Oh, and no power-garage-opener again, although I only discovered that this morning. I'm not quite sure why any of these aren't working; at least some of it is probably due to the ice storm we had last week. I've been so busy with other things, I didn't really piece everything together or do anything about it until sunday (yesterday). I feel so disconnected though, like I'm living in a different century, or at least decade.... At least I have power and heat. Although I went to turn on the upstairs light last night, and it didn't come on. I started to really panic, then I realized it was just a burned-out bulb. But see? The whole place is slowly going to pieces.

Even the post I made "last night" I had to type in Notepad, put it on a disk, and bring it to work with me this morning. I have that Palm client, but I don't fully trust it yet, and didn't want to lose the entry because it was important to me.

At least I have connectivity here at work. I spent way too long this morning catching up and everything I'd missed over the long weekend.... At some point, I'll have to post about the weekend too, as it was eventful. But for now, I really oughta get some more actual work done!!!

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