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Frustrating day yesterday. The cableguy was supposed to come between 8 and noon. I took the morning off work, waited around - no appearance. Remember, my phone and cable (modem and tv) are out, most likely due to a downed line from last week's ice storm. So at noon I check my phone's voice mail via my cell phone (which still works (so far)), and I have two messages from the cable people saying, "We have a technician available, but nobody is home." Yes I am! I'm sitting here by the front window, watching for you! You are supposed to come, not telephone! Nobody said anything about telephoning first, and I am home, as requested.

So I (or rather, C, who was kind enough to endure this waiting game with me yesterday) call them up, and complain. They say that the tech came out, repaired the line on the pole, so it must be a box problem also. I ask, well why didn't they come ring the bell, let me know they were fixing things? They don't know, but they will send somebody out again, to look at the box, sometime before 5pm.

So I call my office, and tell them I have to take the afternoon off too. Then I go outside, and visually inspect my wiring. (I hadn't tried this yet, because it is always dark by the time I get home.) I realize that my cable line is slack, drooping over my bushes, and flopping into the snow onto my neighbor's garage. hmm...could this be the source of my connectivity problems?? It doesn't look like the line has been repaired at the pole, since it doesn't ever emerge from my neighbor's garage roof, that I can see.

I then look at the phone line. It is not as slack, but definitely looks lower than it should. I follow the line with my eyes to the pole where it must be heading, and ah-ha! I see the bottom half of a pine tree, with its top missing! Closer inspection of my neighbor's yard reveals freshly chopped up pieces of a very similar-looking pine tree. Even I can deduce what must have happened here.

So I go back indoors, and we call the Evil Cable Empire and the phone people, to tell them what we've found. The phone people say that they will have it repaired by Wednesday (which they said far they've broken no promises, but I am growing cynical). The Evil Cable people show no interest in my findings, and claim a repair person is still on his way. They make no comment when C states that they must have lied about the tech fixing the line at the pole, since the line doesn't even reach the pole right now.

5:00pm arrives, and no repair person. We call, and they claim somebody will arrive by 6:00.

6:00 arrives, and no repair person. We call, and they say, "Nobody fixes anything after 6:00." Well then, why didn't you send somebody before 6:00??? They claim that somebody has visited my home 3 times. I have been there all day, waiting, and unless the repair people disguise themselves as sparrows or squirrels, they have not been anywhere nearby.

Furthermore, as it is a downed line, I shouldn't have had to wait in my home for them anyway. It should be purely an outdoor job. I lost a day's salary, and nothing is fixed anyway. They claim that they will send somebody out today, who will fix it without anybody having to wait at my house. I am at work (obviously, as I cannot access the 'net from home anymore), and won't find out until tonight if this is true.

If everybody has spoken truthfully, when I arrive home late tonight I will have a working telephone, cable modem, and cable television.

I find it more likely that my house will be been struck by lightening and burned to the ground. I hope my cats get out okay; it'd really suck if they were burned alive.

Oh yes, and who is the Evil Cable company, from which you should never ever buy anything if you can help it? Comcast. Avoid. Like the plague.
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