alpaca princess (renniekins) wrote,
alpaca princess

Three Gallons

I'm home. Flew from Hartford this morning, after an amazing weekend at OtherWorld. I will go into great detail about that soon, once I get it all remembered and written down.

For now, I will brag. Three gallons! Since I had the afternoon off, and Southeastern Michigan is suffering a critical blood shortage, I decided to do some good with my time. I gave blood today, and this pint makes a total of three gallons of blood I have donated in my lifetime. Twenty-four pints. Since each pint can save up to three lives, I have helped around seventy-two lives in my lifetime.

The other cool thing about my weekend, the non-otherworldly part of it, was that I got to see a bunch of old and new friends. I finally met thinggtwoo, after having been online friends for quite awhile. Unfortunately scheduling conflicts prevented me from meeting her husband and her adorable Boo, but I still enjoyed getting to finally put a face to the name! Thanks for the lift, thinggtwoo. cannibal and I also got to spend time with zanthrin, and his wife K. Plus a couple of my cartoonist-friends, P and M. I love my friends. Seeing them again was too cool.

So it was a truly great weekend in a lot of ways. Hoopa Hoppa!
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