alpaca princess (renniekins) wrote,
alpaca princess

Sluggy Tarot

I almost forgot in all of my tiredness that sunday night I had my fortune told. Not just any old fortune either, it was the brand-new Sluggy Tarot For Dummies! Fortunately P remembered, and he even photographed my fortune so we all can enjoy it. It really was a delightful fortune, and the only one of the group that didn't predict something along the lines of Death Terrible Death!!

P and M also kindly took some time to explain Sluggy's current plotline, which has gotten a little too complex for my short attention span. I can follow the plots when I read/hear about them all at once, but not when I read them one strip per day. Oh, and guess what: I have a beanie Bun-Bun -- Yaaay!
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