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A Search for Magical Items

It was Saturday morning, and we returned to the tavern for breakfast. As we sat down at a table, we were happily greeted by a delightful little Ander, "Hoopa-hoppa! You want juice? What kind juice?" When we asked about prices, she said, "I not so good with numbers. You ask Zacharias for that. But I think it's this many to eat," and she held up 5 fingers, "and this many to drink," and she pointed to her nose with her other hand. She then counted our juice orders on her fingers and pranced off to the kitchen to find juice.

Later on, she asked us if we wanted fruit. "Banana? Apple?" She took four banana requests on four fingers of her left hand, and nobody wanted an apple. Then somebody asked for coffee. She said "Okay, coffee," and held up one finger of her right hand. Then she looked at both of her hands worriedly and said, "I hope I don't bring you an apple."

Hyacinth joined us for breakfast, and she started telling us what she knew of the Knights of the Golden Circle. She said that unfortunately the order had died out long ago, but she had found information on an ancient ritual that could resurrect them, "if the need was very great." She gave us a parchment on which a complex summoning ritual was detailed. She agreed that the terrible Leviathan destroying our homeland was indeed a great need, so she thought it might work.

As we spoke, we heard chanting in the background. "Hoopa-hoppa, hoopa-hoppa, hoopa hoopa hoopa-hoppa!" I turned around to see that all of the serving Anders in the room were in a line, one with a broom, bouncing in time with their chant. Then one of the noblemen, who I hadn't met the night before, stood up and started singing to a young female knight. "Hooked on a feelin'," he sang. "You've got me believin'!" The Anders provided fabulous acapella backup, along with dance moves, as he performed the entire love song for his girl. I don't know about love songs, but I love acapella music! I was very impressed, and the entire tavern burst into enthusiastic applause when he'd finished.

After breakfast, Hyacinth took our group outside to help us figure out the details of the ritual necessary to summon the Knights. According to the parchment she had found, we needed 6 items: 4 perfect spheres, one each of earth, fire, water, and air. We also needed a favor from the Court of Mirrors, and we needed to find a Trumpet of Summoning. We would then stand in a diamond formation, each holding an item, and perform the ritual. Hyacinth helped us come up with the words we would say, and we wrote them down.

We were now ready to perform the ritual -- except that we didn't have any of the 6 items required. Four perfect spheres? A Court of Mirrors? A Trumpet of Summoning? We didn't know where to find any of that. Hyacinth didn't know either, but she suggested we try asking the gypsies.

So.... off we went to the gypsy camp! I let the other members of the party take care of reading our map, talking to people, and figuring out where to go. I occupied myself with searching for treasure along the way. The woods were very dangerous, so lots of treasure had been lost by the sides of the path. Also some of it had been intentionally left to cause harm, guarded by a hazardous trap. I was skilled in finding treasure, disarming traps, and picking locks. So I left the "finding our way" stuff to the other in my group, and kept my eyes peeled for treasure.

My diligence paid off, because I found a small locked box buried in the leaves! It wasn't even trapped. I was delighted by my discovery, but disappointed to find that my lock-picking skills weren't enough to open it. I carried it along with me anyway, and I spent some additional time fussing with it when we reached the gypsies' camp.
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