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Marshmallow BOF

Thursday morning when I woke up, the previous day's sore throat had blossomed into a full-scale snotty mess of a cold. That, plus a bit of after-affect of the drinks I'd had the night before, left me feeling pretty crappy. I got up on time, checked my schedule, and decided that there wasn't anything I really needed to be at. So I gave myself the morning off. I was feeling too icky to sleep, but I force-fed myself half a glass of water and a half of a protein bar.

I curled up in bed with a book and a box of tissues and relaxed for awhile. Then I took a long hot shower, and I made it to the conference just in time for lunch. Excellent timing! I was still feeling really woozy and off, but actually I found that once I'd worked up the courage to eat I felt much better. I attended the afternoon sessions with my trusty box of tissues stolen from my hotel room, and it was all good. (Except that I didn't win anything at the raffle. Sigh.)

Thursday evening I held an impromptu Marshmallow BOF. To explain this properly, we must rewind a bit to sunday evening. At the opening reception, one of the goodies provided was a chocolate fondue. The items provided for dipping included a bunch of fruit, pastries, and marshmallows. As the reception came to an end, I was sitting and talking to A, when I noticed that there were plenty of marshmallows still on the table. "Wait, I have a natural-wood fireplace," I remembered. "I should roast marshmallows!"

So I said to A, "Let's steal some marshmallows." We opened a napkin and furtively filled it up with marshmallows. I twisted the ends closed and tucked them in my pocket, leaving the marshmallows hanging out like a pouch.

After the reception, we went to the fireside bar. I enthusiastically showed a bunch of people the stolen marshmallows. Guys proceeded to buy me drinks until I realized I'd had more than I'd wanted to, so I stopped drinking them. Later, A was kind enough to walk me tipsily home. I showed off my cool condo, then he left and I went straight to bed.

Monday morning I woke up, got ready, and started to walk to the conference building. There in the parking lot, I saw something white. "Snow, already?" I thought to myself. As I came closer though, I realized it was my marshmallows! I'd forgotten all about them. My coat must have knocked the bag out of my pocket the night before, and neither A nor I had noticed their absence.

Naturally I was dreadfully disappointed. I picked up the remains and threw them away, then told a few friends about the tragic loss when I saw them at lunch. I kept meaning to ask the kitchen staff if they had any extras I could have, but I never remembered to.

Wednesday, A bought us a fresh bag of marshmallows. Yay! So thursday night, after the late keynote speech ended at 8, I searched around for people I knew and invited them over to my place to roast marshmallows. K even joined us remotely! I didn't actually call it a Marshmallow BOF, but I should have.

It was a quiet and relaxing way to spend the almost-last-night of the conference; especially since by this time my nose had essentially taken over my entire head and was holding my brain for ransom.
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