alpaca princess (renniekins) wrote,
alpaca princess

I was late (well, later than usual) to work this morning. My normal route is very simple -- I get on the freeway right by my house, drive about 7 miles, get off the freeway right by my office.

This morning when I got on the freeway, traffic was practically at a standstill. This is particularly strange, since it was past rush hour.

Well, traffic continued at a snail's pace for about 5 miles. We'd drive for a bit, then stop, then inch forward, then drive, then stop again. Very aggravating!

I figured there must be a bad accident up ahead, to have caused so much congestion. Eventually I inched forward enough to see construction signs. Construction? But there wasn't anything going on just last night...?

Then I noticed that the "right lane closed" signs were temporary, made of plastic that can easily be moved and stowed. Weird. Finally I made it up to the lane closure (which was just blocked off with orange cones, not barrels), to find that the lane was only closed for about 20 yards. I drove past the closed lane and looked into it to see:

A guy on a ladder.

Seriously. Just a guy, standing on a yellow step ladder in the middle of the right lane. The ladder wasn't under anything, it was just there. The guy wasn't doing anything that I could see, just standing on it.

I crawled through 30 minutes of traffic jam for this? A guy on a ladder?? What is this, some sort of modern art? Immediately after the ladder-guy, the lane opened up and traffic started moving again. Very surreal. At least it made for a good story, when I finally made it into work....
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