alpaca princess (renniekins) wrote,
alpaca princess

Things I'm Thankful For -- a short list

  1. four days off from work in a row
  2. sleeping in today past noon
  3. pillows, a down comfortor, and a bear
  4. cats to cuddle with
  5. a livejournal to get me writing again
  6. livejournal friends to share it with
  7. livejournal friends who in turn share their lives with me
  8. every comment i've received (yeah even negative ones)
  9. those of you who read but don't comment
  10. turkey dinner at mom's tonight -- just 4 of us, but great food
  11. probably the last thanksgiving in the house i grew up in
  12. having a safe place to grow up
  13. going away to whatever college i wanted
  14. meeting all kinds of amazing friends there
  15. still being close to all of my family
  16. my brother, his wife, and my nephew, even if i won't see them today
  17. having a sister i get along with now
  18. parents who can retire and start a new life together
  19. being smart and creative
  20. having a good job, despite the stresses
  21. getting to program for a living
  22. making it back to css (no not the stylesheets)
  23. my house, furniture, computer
  24. a new duke icon
  25. dressing duke and harriet up for the holidays
  26. girlfriends to play euchre with
  27. someone to dance with
  28. friends who make me laugh
  29. friends to watch movies, have meals, and generally go out with
  30. ice skating, synchro skating
  31. winning nationals this year
  32. standing on the podium
  33. vacationing in california (several times!)
  34. being able to have my knee repaired
  35. all the people who helped me through that
  36. health
  37. learning yoga
  38. tapdancing and hiphop
  39. the stripes in my hair
  40. everyone i've ever loved
  41. everyone who has ever loved me
  42. the fact that i don't have anyone to hate
  43. every boy i've dated
  44. every person i've ever hugged
  45. good books to read
  46. diet beverages
  47. ice cream and cake
  48. delicious meals
  49. music, in all its many forms
  50. making music
  51. being able to buy a new winter coat, even if it's challenging
  52. cute and fun shoes
  53. scifi cons, in all their craziness
  54. out of town relatives
  55. visiting nyc
  56. visiting out of town friends
  57. otherworld adventures
  58. presents, both giving them and getting them
  59. holiday cards
  60. blue christmas lights at night (to me they look like moonlight)
  61. sharing photographs
  62. backrubs and backcracking
  63. fires and hot cocoa and sweatshirts and being warm
  64. soaking up sunbeams
  65. dressing up
  66. dressing down
  67. playing in snow
  68. kicking through dry leaves
  69. the god who made it all possible
  70. the 'ol' tag, so i don't have to type these numbers out
  71. not knowing how many things i'm thankful for until it renders
  72. adding to this list whenever i think of more things!
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