alpaca princess (renniekins) wrote,
alpaca princess

Why I Will Always Be Cold

One of the exciting things about the fact that I did not re-join my synchro team this year is: I get to buy myself a winter coat! For the eight years I've been on the team, I've been forced to buy a total of three Team Elan coats. Our uniform colors and style change every few years, so we have to keep updating them. Since I've been dishing out all this money on team coats, I haven't felt justified in buying yet another coat of my own choosing.

The last real winter coat I chose for myself was in 1989. Right before I went to college, my mom and I went coat-shopping. I knew it would be cold in Massachusetts, and I knew I'd be doing tons of walking around outside. I found a bulky black coat in the men's section of a camping store. It was too big for me, but I could roll up the sleeves. It was warm and had lots of pockets, and that was all that mattered to me then.

That was all I wore until 1994 or so, when I started my first professional job. I had to wear a suit to the office every day, and the shapeless old coat didn't look right on top of it. So I found a dressy green wool jacket that, when paired with a scarf, almost kept me warm. I still wore the black one when I didn't have to go to work, because it was more suitable for frolicking in the snow.

Right when I started thinking that I really needed something newer and more attractive, I joined Team Elan. Then, like I said, for the next eight years my coat choices were made for me. I did buy a nice leather jacket six-ish years ago, but that's really more of a "late fall" weight, not suitable in the Dead of Winter.

So, we come to the fall of 2004. For the first time in a very long time, I don't have to buy or wear a team coat! Finally, I feel fully justified in buying myself a nice winter coat, anything I choose! I was thrilled by the idea.

Happily, I started hitting the stores. That's when things got complicated. The problem is: I have no winter-coat experience! What do people wear in the winter, when they're not in Elan gear? The choices were overwhelming.

As I tried on coat after coat, I discovered that I have a very basic conflict. I am always cold, and I hate being cold. However I am short and solid, so I hate bulky clothing. I want to find something that is cute and warm. Apparently these are mutually exclusive, at least for my body-type. Everything I tried on in which I liked the way I looked? Wasn't very warm. Everything that felt like it would keep me nice and warm? Made me look about three feet wide and dumpy. I also found that I much preferred the way coats looked on me when I was just wearing something light underneath. If I wore a nice warm sweatshirt? They didn't fit as comfortably, and they looked weird.

So essentially what it comes down to is: if I want to like the way I look, I'm going to be cold. In fact, this is probably already part of why I'm always cold, because I only look good in thin layers. Maybe this is just a sign that I don't belong in the North?

Winter is fast-approaching, and I still haven't found a coat I like. I did find a fancy fur-lined coat, which will be good for dressing up. But that will look silly for day-to-day wear. So what to do? I'm (literally!) frozen by indecision.

I think I may have to give in and just buy a big bulky coat, even if I don't really care for how it looks, so I'll have something to wear when I want to be warm. After all when I want to look cute but be cold, I can just wear my leather jacket. Maybe that'll work....
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