alpaca princess (renniekins) wrote,
alpaca princess

Back on the Ice

I tried the "isLove" generator thingy that everyone's been playing with recently. The very first thing it popped up with was: knees are love. Yeah, right! Amused, I pressed refresh a few times. Piano, dragons, as/400 (heehee!), then knees again.

No, you silly generator, my knees aren't love. My knees are messed up, often painful, sometimes untrustworthy, and lots of trouble. They require hard work to keep them healthy, but they are worth the effort....

Wait, maybe knees are love after all.

Speaking of sore knees, I went skating last friday. My knee hurt, but it functioned okay. I know that the ligament is fully attached now, and I wanted to prove to myself that it was getting better, so I pushed it. Along with a bunch of stroking, crossovers, and spins, I did some jumps.

Last time I skated, I did 2 feeble waltz jumps. This time I did a bunch of half-rotation jumps, then worked up the courage to try a full-rotation. (Those jumps require both taking off and landing on my bad leg.) I did the wimpiest loop you've ever seen, but I did it! Then I did several more, and some flip jumps too.

A couple of times I chickened out half-way through the jump. This means that in the air, I decided I didn't want to go through with it. Note to self: once you're in the air it's really too late to chicken out. When you watch figure skating on TV, they call this "popping" a jump -- where the skater opens up and doesn't complete the planned rotations. Like they'll do a double or single instead of a triple.

When you're just trying a single jump to begin with, and a wimpy injured one at that? It means landing weirdly 3/4 of the way around, then gracelessly falling onto your butt. The silly thing is that I always landed on my right leg anyway, so I might as well have just gone through with the jump.

Nothing in skating works unless you fully commit to it. In fact, approaching any trick half-heartedly is generally more dangerous than giving it your full effort. I knew that, of course -- my knee was just scared.

By the end of the session I was really sore. I'm still fairly sore today, actually. I think skating used a bunch of little knee-muscles that really don't get worked in other kinds of therapy. I think I need to start skating regularly, just doing basic skating and crossovers, to gradually strengthen those muscles. ...and maybe not do quite as many jumps until they are stronger!
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