alpaca princess (renniekins) wrote,
alpaca princess

Treat Day

Tomorrow is Treat Day at my office. Every wednesday is Treat Day. We have a signup chart in the break room, and around once a quarter you sign up for a day and bring in goodies of some sort for everyone in the IS department (around 30 people) to enjoy.

Tomorrow is not my day to bring in treats, but I was afraid it was! Don't worry: I just checked. Next wednesday is my day.

The guy who is signed up for tomorrow will bring in donuts from Tim Horton's. He is very predictable. Me, I never bring donuts. In fact, I like to come up with something original. Since I remembered it now, I have a week to plan -- what should I bring?

I am currently without ideas, so naturally I'm turning to LJ for help. My only rules are: no donuts, nothing with nuts, and nothing that requires much work. Other than that, the possibilities are limitless! Give me some ideas....

Poll #394831 Treat Poll

If you were bring treats into an office, what would you bring?

If you were in an office, what kind of treats would you like to see?

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