alpaca princess (renniekins) wrote,
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Anonymous Confessions

Tigger Slippers
There are my tigger slippers, with my feet inside and my ankles sticking out. Pardon the low lighting...

I was sleeping -- no, actually I was in bed but not sleeping. Because it was too damn cold! Even with a cat pressed up against me, trying to double our combined body heat, even with my down comforter tucked all around me. My nose was cold, and when I tucked it under the covers for long I couldn't breath. And whenever I would move, cracks would form under the edge of the comforter, letting in the chill air from the bedroom.

Whoever claimed that heat rises obviously never tried to sleep in my bedroom on a cold night.

So I flung cats and comforters everywhere, lept out of bed, and put on a bunch of warm clothes. I came down here and told my programmable thermostat that yes, even though it's 2:34am, I don't want the house at 68 degrees anymore. I want it at 72. At least! Now I'm sitting here in my sweats and my tigger slippers and the heat is blasting away. I'm eating cereal and beginning to get warm again.

I have a secret, but I feel this strange urge to confess. Do you have a secret? If so, you should post it ANONYMOUSLY! If enough anonymous posts are made, then I'll casually mix mine in with the rest, and nobody will know it's me. It's almost 3am on a cold cold night, we're wearing Tigger slippers and eating cereal. It's time to start confessing secrets. Then we'll paint each others nails. (First girl to fall asleep gets her bra in the freezer.)

I'll turn off the IP logging thing. Only post anonymously, 'kay?
Tags: fascinating, sleep
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