alpaca princess (renniekins) wrote,
alpaca princess


Wow. I guess I'm not the only one with secrets. I knew that, of course, but yesterday's confessional really drove it home. It was fascinating to see the kinds of unspoken thoughts we all have hidden away, waiting to be set free.

Secrets are so heavy when never voiced. It is relieving to be able to unburden yourself of them, especially in an anonymous place where they can't come back to bite you afterward.

I screened the few comments that weren't anonymous. It is worth going back and reading what people had to say. There is a poignancy in seeing everyone's confessions and secret thoughts all lined up like that.

(Yes, I posted in there as well. I won't confirm or deny any guesses though: that's not the nature of the exercise! And yes, I am insanely curious about who posted some of these. I didn't think about that aspect of the game when I suggested it....)

There were also some fun/happy secrets, even a recipe! Some entries sparked questions, comments, and discussion. I am leaving IP logging turned off for a little while longer. If anybody would like to answer or continue discussion, feel free. Keep it anonymous though: maybe in this "confessional" environment it is easier to be honest when there are no names or faces attached.

...but as always, remember that there are vulnerable people behind those faceless words.
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