alpaca princess (renniekins) wrote,
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Random Day
There's no real reason I took this picture, and no real reason I posted it. Just feeling random on a quiet day at work. When I'm a little bored and distracted, sometimes I play around with my Treo. It's a good toy.

I went out to dinner last night, and at one point during the meal I felt a sneeze coming. I covered my mouth with my napkin and sneezed. He gave me a strange look from across the table, so I said, "What's wrong?"

"Well," he said, "you didn't cover your nose. Just your mouth. It worked out okay though..."

I thought about this. "I generally sneeze with just my mouth. Unless I'm sick, I guess. Then my nose, um... participates." I didn't want to be too graphic -- we were eating, after all. "But yeah, when I'm healthy, then usually just my mouth... is involved."

He laughed my careful phrasing. "You have some strange dinner conversations."

"Well you brought it up," I pouted.

Truth be told, I enjoy a good sneeze. I was talking about this with a coworker earlier, when he sneezed and I complimented him on its force. It can be so satisfying to just let it explode! (With tissue, of course, don't want to be too gross.)

He agreed. "I always feel sorry for people who just catch their sneezes, like -- " and he demonstrated the sound of a quiet little close-mouthed sneeze, caught primarily in the nose.

"Yeah! I don't understand why anyone would do that -- unless you were in a place where it's more appropriate to stay quiet I suppose."

A good sneeze is such a relief, a tension-release. It's very satisfying. Especially if it's been building for awhile, it feels so great to let it out! They don't know what they're missing out on. Poor repressed souls.
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