alpaca princess (renniekins) wrote,
alpaca princess

Saturday Night

It's Saturday night, and I'm not planning on leaving the house. I've decided to spend a quiet night alone. Does this mean I'm getting old, since it doesn't even bother me? It used to be that I'd feel distraught if I didn't go out on a Friday night, let alone Saturday! Tonight though, I'm pleased to have some "down time". I wouldn't want to be alone and engagement-less every Saturday night, but I'm quite comfortable with it tonight.


I put up a christmas tree this afternoon. I like christmas decorations, and it makes me really happy to see my livingroom looking festive and pretty -- but actually decorating for christmas tends to make me feel a little sad and forlorn. Maybe just because I think it'd be nicer shared. Last year I didn't bother to decorate at all. This year I wanted to, but I kept it fairly simple. Instead of fussing with a live dying tree, I decided to buy a little 4.5' artificial tree, pre-lit with colored bulbs! Kind of a cop-out, but quick and easy. I dug out my ornaments, but I just put a few on the tree. It doesn't need very many. I put my tree in front of my picture window, and I taped a string of lights to the other window that faces the street. This way my house is a little decorated from the outside as well.


My sister and I are talking about splurging this summer and going on this bicycle trip. Provence France, and Tuscany Italy! A 2-week trip to Europe, bicycling along scenic roads! How cool. I've never in my adult life taken a full 2 week vacation. The most I've ever done a week-and-a-half, so that I could save some vacation days (not to mention money). Now I have more vacation time than I used to though, and it's been way too long since I've visited Europe. The idea of this trip feels really extravagant, but I think it's time to be a little extravagant instead of pinching pennies. I'm really excited about it!


Today in the mail I received a check from Comcast for $2.85. I have no idea why. But yay, free money! Now I'll be able to afford Europe for certain.

(That's two dollars and eighty-five cents. I felt the need to clarify, because when I was at a store a few days ago, the sales girl asked for "one hundred seventy-three". I gave her a worried look and started looking through my purchases, re-doing the math in my head, because that sounded like way more than I'd expected! Then comprehension showed on her face and she elaborated, "Sorry, I meant one hundred dollars and seventy-three cents."


Since I wrote this entry, I have purchased a total of two winter coats. (I have also tried on many many many more coats than I can count.) They both still have the tags attached, because I am always painfully indecisive. I am thinking of just keeping both though.

One is a knee-length blue wool coat with a (false) fur collar, and fur trim around the cuffs. It has only one button. It is very dressy and pretty, but I'd feel silly wearing it every day. Also it doesn't have anything to close the neck in cold weather, but it looks really good with fancy clothes!

The second is a black down coat which comes just past my butt. It has a hood with a fur lining. It is fairly casual, but it has a little bit of tailoring at the waist. So although it still makes me look kinda huge, it's not as bad as some of the coats I tried on! It feels very warm, and the hood and fur would be really nice on cold days. If I keep it, this would be my "everyday" winter coat. Its downsides are that it won't keep my legs warm, and it makes me look somewhat Michelin-like on top. Its upside is that it will keep the top of me very warm, and it won't be as encumbering as a long coat. So I can easily climb in and out of cars, run around, build a snowman, and probably even ski in it!

Like I said I'm leaning toward keeping them, but of course I'm still thinking it all over, fretting away, like I do with any decision. The wool coat was very reasonably priced (actually, cheap). The down coat was on sale, but still sort of on the pricier end of the spectrum. Maybe I'll try to take some pictures. Hey, maybe I'll take pictures of me in my coats with my tree! Or would that be weird? (Oh who am I kidding, I became irrevocably weird years ago....)
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