alpaca princess (renniekins) wrote,
alpaca princess

Programming in the Sun

Programming in the Sun
Since specialagentm requested a photographic demonstration of my stupid-looking-but-effective sun visor, here it is.

Note: The light/contrast isn't the greatest, because the whole point is that the bright sun is beating down on me! But see how nicely my eyes are shaded? I can still see my screen, plus look out of the window, even with the sun.

Also note my cool paisley shirt. No, I've never worn it with the paisley pants. Even my fashion sense isn't that stunted.

Finally, you'll see I'm wearing my headphones also. The visor and headphone music do nicely to focus me into my own little world. This is my "don't mess with me, I'm trying to concentrate" look. (It's surprising how many people will bug me anyway.)
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