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When we were teenagers, I bought my sister a huge poster that proclaimed, "IF IT'S TOO LOUD, THEN YOU'RE TOO OLD". It had a picture of a guy sitting inbetween two giant stereo speakers. She put it on the outside of her bedroom door, facing our parents' room.

Well I must be getting old, because the music being listened to by the guy in the cubicle next door is driving me crazy. He's listening to it via headphones, but they aren't very good ones, they let a lot of the noise escape, so I have been "enjoying" a the tinny sound of a driving drum machine and a bass rhythm for the past several days. There are occasional beeps and electronic noises, which keep making me think a cell phone is ringing somewhere.

I don't know how he can stand the crap. From here, it sounds awful. I've never been very into the "electronic dance music" scene. Even at clubs, it tends to space me out and make me sleepy - too rhythmic, with not enough variation. I find myself drifting into a trancelike yawning state...and I'm someone who loves to dance.

I asked him to turn it down once, and he did. It may be louder again now, I'm not sure. I hate to bug him again; I just wish his headphones were better. Especially since I do understand the pleasure of being able to block out the world and code to loud music; I often do so myself. It makes me more productive. But my headphones keep the music completely within my own ears.

Also, I'm very nonconfrontational and hate to bug people or ask them to be quiet or whatever. Mostly, when people start annoying me with the noise they make, I just get pissed off, put on my own headphones, and ignore them. The people near me are constantly making loud phone calls, talking among themselves loudly, and listening to crappy music. Loudly. I wish they all could be more quiet and considerate, especially when it's not work-related. Or maybe I'm just easily irritated. Thank goodness I have my headphones and my CD collection...but I don't like to leave them on all day. For one thing, they make my ears uncomfortable after awhile.

Update: the guy turned off his music, and I was briefly pleased and relieved, until he used the silence to telephone his girlfriend. I can hear every personal thing the two guys who sit closest to me ever say on the telephone. I know everything going on in their lives, or I could, if I wanted to. Maybe if they knew that, they'd be a little quieter.

I've given up and put on my headphones. Hooray for Ani.

Also, my office is cold today. Again. *sigh*
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