alpaca princess (renniekins) wrote,
alpaca princess

An Ode to Christmas

This is my Santa Claus candle. Isn't he cute? My mommy gave him to me for Christmas several years ago.

He is in a candle-holder with a nice cow sticker on the back. The cow sticker was also a present, although I've forgotten who gave it to me.

So what do we do with candles?

We burn them!

Feeling a little warm, Santa?

He still waves cheerily, even without a face. Brave Santa!

He's looking a little unwell here, but you can still see his belt very nicely.

One arm down.

I like the way you can see the Christmas tree lights in the background here, and reflected in the glass.

I get the acute sense here that he is reaching out imploringly from the puddle of his own demise.

I am also reminded of when the second Terminator got melted in the molten metal.

Bye-bye, Santa, and Merry Christmas to all!

(Photography credits go to F, direction by renniekins. No actual santas were harmed in the making of this... oh, who am I kidding. He's totally toast!)
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