alpaca princess (renniekins) wrote,
alpaca princess

Holiday Card

Memories... on the front of this card I've shared pictures of some of my favorite memories from 2004.
  • As I was putting away some Christmas decorations last January, I spontaneously decided to attempt to photograph each of my cats wearing a santa hat. This led to a delightful romp around the house: while I tried to clothe and pose them, they tried to flee from the indignity. Good times.
  • In March, my sister and I traveled to San Diego with our synchronized skating team to compete in the Adult National Championships. We won first place! I was a team co-captain, so I got to stand on the podium and accept the award for the whole team -- something I've always dreamed of doing.
  • (In a less-good memory, I managed to hurt my knee at a skating practice near the beginning of the year. I was able to complete the season even with the injury, but I needed surgery in late March to repair it. Fortunately I'm healing up just fine now.)
  • There were a few "dress up" occasions, including my birthday dinner.
  • I went on several great trips this year, enjoying all kinds of lovely destinations - sunshiny California beaches, snowy Colorado mountains, and more!
  • I also enjoyed spending time with my brother's adorable little baby, Will. He is turning two in January.

I hope that you have some good memories of 2004 as well, and that 2005 leaves us all with peace, joy, and even better memories.

Peace to you and all you love.

This holiday, this coming year, and always.

much love,
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