alpaca princess (renniekins) wrote,
alpaca princess

Shoveling Away

Dear Weather,

I have finished shoveling. Please stop snowing. Thank you.


Now I know why raccoons are always covered in snow. Because the lining on my down coat collected lots of snow! It looked more white than black, when I'd finished shoveling. (Yes, the lining of my hood is real fur. Yes, I feel a little weird about it. I've owned leather, but never fur, even this tiny bit. I don't know why it should feel different. But that's a subject for another time.)

I also know why raccoons always look so warm: that fur is nice and cosy. So is the down -- that explains why geese rarely look chilly either. Combined they do a pretty good job of keeping me warm. Now if only I was young enough that I could still wear snowpants, so my legs wouldn't be cold.... Maybe I should get some flannel-lined jeans like lindaatzarquon talks about.

The boots I wore did a surprisingly good job of keeping my feet dry and warm-ish, actually. I wanted new snow-boots, you see. My old snow-boots had lost their waterproofness. Before going out to shovel this evening, I was whining to myself, "Darn it, I wish I had a good pair of boots!"

The ironic thing is that I even had a good pair of winter boots in my hand awhile back, sometime during last winter I think it was. I held them up and said to my friend I happened to be at Target with, "I should buy these. I need a new pair of winter boots."

"But what for?" He asked me. "When would you wear them?" (This is why two cheap frugal people should never shop for necessities with one another.)

I faltered. "You know, when it's snowy outside." I tried to justify myself. "My other boots fell apart. The only winter boots I own anymore are dressy, with heels. Good for wearing to work, with suits or dresses, but not good for walking through snowdrifts and stuff."

"But would you really wear them? Do you walk through a lot of snowdrifts?" Slowly, he helped me talk myself out of it. I pictured my daily routine: walk to car, walk from car to office, work indoors...he was right! What did I need silly dry boots for anyway?

"No, I guess not...." I generally don't feel comfortable spending money, not if I can convince myself I don't need to. When I shop, sometimes I need somebody practical to come along to reassure me that my potential purchases are a good idea. Shopping with somebody who is even more cheap frugal than I am is a bad idea, because I find myself feeling guilty for wanting to buy the slightest little thing -- even winter boots in Michigan! (From Target, not somewhere expensive!)

So, to sum up: I didn't buy the boots. I don't remember it being all that much of an issue last winter. But this evening it was. I drove home, parked my car in the garage, and then carefully picked my way through the three inches of fluffy snow in my driveway in my cute black heels with the silver buckles (that don't look nearly as cute when covered in salt). I grumbled away, mentally cursing the person who had talked me out of buying the stupid boots. "This is why I needed them," I exclaimed internally to both of us. "So I can shovel the damn snow! And walk through it before it's been plowed!"

For lack of anything better, I wore the dressy boots while shoveling anyway. To my surprise, they kept my feet warm and dry. That's the most important thing, so I guess they worked out. I was almost inclined to agree that I didn't need the silly new boots after all, except then after shoveling I went for an evening walk. Only about 30% of the sidewalks had been shoveled, so I tromped my way through a lot of uneven snow. It was a beautiful walk, but several times the narrow-but-pretty heel of my boot slid sideways out from under me on the rough terrain. My toes clenched to keep my balance, the heels were awkward, and my knees and the arches of my feet hurt when I was through.

Ah-HA! See, I was right -- I do need a new pair of winter boots! Time to do some shopping. But I bet at this time of year, all the good ones will be sold out.... And spring is surely just around the corner, right...?

Maybe I don't need boots after all.
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