alpaca princess (renniekins) wrote,
alpaca princess

One Day More

Drama drama drama. LJ sure is full of it recently. But I can't help myself in adding to the fray: I'm getting my eyes done tomorrow! Eeeeeep! I'm so hyper and nervous and excited. (No I'm not getting my eyes lifted or straightened or enhanced or whatever the heck else people do with eyes. I'm getting lasik. I'm going to be able to see!)

Ohhh, I hope it goes well. I'm trying to ignore the other possibilities, even though I know there's always a chance... oh stop that. It'll be great. Great! It's scary, of course, letting somebody mess with my eyes like that. But given that my eyes already work so poorly, I know that no matter what happens they'll surely be better than now. Hopefully perfect!

I had to shovel snow again this morning, even though I wrote the nicest and most politely worded letter to the weather yesterday. Another 3 inches-ish, I'd say, and heavier than last night's. I called my office's "bad weather hotline" on the off-chance minute possibility that they might have declared a snow day. I knew that in fact there was no chance whatsoever, but it doesn't hurt to have hope, does it?

I must confess that I cheated once I found that I did indeed have to go to work: I shoveled the full "apron" but only tire-tracks for the rest of my driveway. Then I sorta slid my way down the tracks and drove away, forgetting to close my garage door. (I remembered just a few houses down, and I could have backed up and closed it. But my road was slippery, and there were two little girls shoveling at the house next door. I didn't want to frighten them, and I didn't want to look weird, so I just kept on skittering along the slushy street.)

When I finished the shoveling and climbed into my car, my eyeglasses fogged up. They were also covered in droplets of melted snow. I squinted through them and thought to myself, "Maybe for the last time ever."

Maybe! Hopefully! I'm at work today, but I'm finding it difficult to concentrate on anything. One more day. Less than twenty-four hours left....
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