alpaca princess (renniekins) wrote,
alpaca princess

(singing) I can see clearly now, my eyes are fixed....

It's amazing how well I can see! Not perfectly, I don't think, but really incredibly well. Like I'm wearing my glasses or contacts, and I'm just in a smokey room.

Reading too much still gives me a headache though, so I've been trying to stay off the darn computer (easier said than done).

I keep thinking I need to take my contacts out for bedtime -- then I remember they aren't in. Too weird.

Going to go listen to more of my books on tape. Yay for librarians, and other with books on tape/cd! Also, yay for friends in general! Yesterday somebody came by to attempt to fix my snowblower, then we got out of the house briefly in the evening to hang out with a few friends and attempt to play poker. Today somebody came over to help me eat a pizza, then we even popped out for ice cream. I've had several phone calls, and even some emails (even though I'm trying to stay away from reading them). It's been cool having plenty of entertainment this weekend.

Back to work tomorrow. Should be interesting....
Tags: lasik
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