alpaca princess (renniekins) wrote,
alpaca princess

The eye bone's connected to the nose bone

I always was aware, in the abstract sense, that all the stuff in my face is connected together by my sinuses. After all I knew, come to think of it, that when I cry my nose gets stuffy. And sure I've always been aware that my nose and mouth share some passageways. And so forth. So yeah, I guess I knew my face was connected.

But even so -- I never expected to be able to taste my eye drops. It's a really surreal feeling, to squirt something in my eye then have a nasty taste in my mouth several minutes later. Oh, and they also make me sneeze. Eye drops! I just never really thought of my eyes as having a passageway to my mouth or nose.

It makes me feel like one of those circus people who can breath or whistle out of their eyes (not that I can do that (at least I don't think so)). It just doesn't seem natural.

Not to mention the annoying fact that these eye drops I have to use four times a day taste really foul! I find myself having to eat something or chew gum after every application. I don't like the taste of my eyes. I'm a freak. Yuck!

(But I'm a freak who can see...even if I am still having trouble convincing myself I don't need to remove my contacts before bed.)
Tags: lasik
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