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I have been enlisted to feed my parents' cat for a few days this week. Usually my sister manages this duty, but she's out of town. So last night I stopped by on my way home from work.

The cat, a strange antisocial and obsessive-compulsive little thing who bites the fur off her own tail, stared darkly at me from another room when I walked in. As I filled her bowls, she hopped on a kitchen chair to stare at me from there. I offered to pet her. She sniffed cautiously at my coat-sleeve but shyed away when I actually touched her. I gave her a few head scratches anyway, which she tolerated with undisguised annoyance.

I fed her, then raided the fridge. I grabbed a diet pepsi. They didn't have much in the way of stuff I could steal for dinner. I considered having a Lean Cuisine frozen meal -- it was broccoli chicken alfredo. It's the same meal I stole the last time I was over. I'd asked my mom first if it was okay, and she had said I could have it, but then later she asked me, "Is that one any good? I've never tried that kind, so I'm curious."

Embarrassed, I had said, "Oh I'm sorry, you should have told me that you'd been looking forward to trying it." It's surely annoying when you buy something new to sample, but then you don't get to. She reassured me that it was no problem, and she wouldn't have given me permission to eat it if she minded, so I let go of my guilt.

She must have purchased another. I simply could not bring myself to eat it yet again last night, especially since she probably STILL had not sampled it herself!

Nothing else looked good, so I closed the fridge and checked on the cat. Her bowls had been empty when I arrived, so surely she was eating the food I'd put down for her. But she wasn't. Instead she was crouching and staring at me from the hallway.

"Go ahead, have a nibble," I suggested to her. She came closer to me but ignored the food bowls. "Are you lonely, do you want to be petted?" It's a big empty house for just one little cat. I walked over to the stairs. She followed, walking between my legs, hopping onto a step, and I sat down on the step to give her a lap to climb into.

I think she was worried I was trying to sit on her though, because she bolted up the stairs. I called after her, "No it's okay, I was just going to pet you! Come on back, you can't sit in my lap from up there." She failed to reappear.

"Fine, forget it. It's your loss -- there won't be any more petting opportunities for another 24 hours."

Crazy cat.

Even so, it was a productive visit, all and all.
Cats fed: 1
Cats annoyed: 1
Mail brought in: 3 newspapers and 1 package
Mail stepped on in wet boots: just about all of it (oops)
Drinks stolen: 1 diet pepsi
Aesthetic rearrangements: 1 photo moved to a nicer location
Electronics borrowed: 1 combo cd/tape player

Now that I have their tape player, I can listen to my books on tape in my bedroom. Yay! Maybe tomorrow I'll eat one of their pizza pockets.
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