alpaca princess (renniekins) wrote,
alpaca princess

Yoga Yellow

ConFusion was a definite break from my fitness efforts, but I'm back at it now. Yesterday I went to my yoga class, and today I actually went and worked out during lunch! Quite proud of myself, there.

I really like the yoga poses and stretches, and I can definitely tell it's a good workout, but I'm just not into the fancy breathing and meditating aspects of it all. At the end of the class, we usually have a sort of a "cool down" meditative thingy.

We close our eyes and relax, and the instructor says gentle things for us to be thinking about. I enjoy the relaxing and winding down after a good workout. I breathe deeply, and I feel my muscles letting go of their efforts. I half-listen to what the instructor says while letting my mind wander. Generally I think about my day, or perhaps what I'd like to have for dinner.

Yesterday the instructor was telling us to visualize our energy, I think. Like waves of energy or something. "What color is it," he asked us, "and what pattern do the waves take?"

When he asked about the color, I immediately thought "yellow", a yellow winter coat. Yesterday right before yoga, I had a guy come by to admire the stove in my garage. A month or two ago I joined the local freecycle list, and I've found someone interested in taking away the stove and repairing the hole in my roof for me.

He came by last night to look things over, and he brought with him an adorable little boy. The little boy was bundled up in a bright yellow coat. Yellow.

I thought about the conversations I'd had with the guy and his son, how very friendly they both were, and I thought about how pleased I would be to be rid of the stove taking up space in my garage. Then I thought about other things I should freecycle, and I started mentally going through my inventory of unneeded possessions. I debated whether some shouldn't be offered on ebay before freecycling.

I was startled at this point to discover that our meditation time was over. We sat up, and the instructor told us what he had seen. "It was blue," he said. "Hard to describe, it was like waves going down my body, but also shooting out at the same time."

Then we had to go around the circle and tell what we had seen/felt/thought. Each person in the room produced a color and a wavy sensation that they had "felt". I wonder how many of them had really experienced what they described, or how many of them, like me, were just making stuff up? I told him, "Yellow and wandering," thinking again of the little boy running around and exploring.

Our yoga instructor was impressed with our various meditative breakthroughs. But I was reminded of the sing "Nothing" from A Chorus Line. "And I dug right down to the bottom of my soul / To see how an ice cream felt." ...and I felt nothing.

But I feel good today, I got a nice workout, and hopefully I'll get rid of my old stove and get my garage roof repaired soon! That's better than invisible blue energy shooting out of my middle after yoga anyway.
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