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ConFusion and DisTraction

First of all, a public service announcement: Jeff created a new LJ community for discussion of ConFusion and Stilyagi, the group that spawned ConFusion: stilyagiaircorp.

Anyway, ConFusion was fun. It was much different for me this year, because this was my first time on ConCom. I spent quite a bit of time liaising for Steven Brust -- enough time that we invented a word for it. Liaise, of course, is the verb form of Guest Liaison. As in, "Rennie, can you liase me a bottle of water before this panel?"

(Well, I thought we'd invented it. Turns out, now that I look, that it really is a word! Shows how much I know.)

As a liaison, I spent a good bit of time hanging out with Steve and his friends. That was really neat, and they were cool people -- but it meant that I did not spend nearly as much time as I usually do hanging out with my own friends. I missed that, so if I liaise again I will have to figure out how to schedule myself better.

Actually, that has become a problem with cons for me in general. Every con I attend, I meet more people. That means that with each successive con, there are more people I want to spend time with! I haven't figured out how to do that, butterfly myself from conversation to conversation and still extract meaning from them. I've never been good at that kind of socializing.

Instead I spent a lot of the weekend in an ADD-like state, darting around distractedly, leaving a lot of unfinished sentences and conversations floating behind me. There were too many faces I recognized whenever I glanced up, too many hugs to distribute, too many things going on all at once.

The fact that I'm terrible at remembering names and faces made things even more challenging, especially with people I've only met in person a small number of times. I had to keep checking people's nametags to see if I knew them, or smiling in a friendly manner and pretending I knew precisely who they were. I always eventually remembered who I was speaking with, but sometimes it took a few sentences into the conversation. Sheesh that's awfully frustrating.

So my apologies to anybody I didn't spend enough time with. I wanted to, really! It definitely didn't help that I also had to duck out for almost 4 hours on saturday evening to brave the hideous snowstorm and celebrate my mum's 60th birthday. That was important, and I enjoyed it, but I missed a bunch of good stuff at the con. Let's make ConFusion last a week next time instead of just a weekend, okay? Then maybe we'll have time for everything. Plenty of time for sitting and talking, dancing, swimming, panels, costumes, music, and all of it.

Come to think of it, the best quality conversations I had with people were the ones that took place in my room, or in other fairly-unoccupied spaces. Maybe what I should do next time is spend more time in quiet places. I can schedule my conversations to occur in small groups, or one-by-one, so that I can actually concentrate enough to enjoy them. (Of course, that sounds pathetically over-organized, and would never work for a con.... oh well.)
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