alpaca princess (renniekins) wrote,
alpaca princess

Happy Groundhog Day

Happy Groundhog Day
Happy Groundhog Day
Today is my favorite holiday....Happy Groundhog Day!

I had a cookie-cake thingy baked and decorated special, to help my coworkers all celebrate with me. Isn't it pretty? And festive?

I hope everyone has a groovy groundhog day, with many groundhog festivities, groundhog treats, and groundhog gifts. Or, at least, I hope we all have a delightful day largely devoid of over-commercialization.

The only downside to this lovely day is that we have to face six more weeks of winter.

edited to add: Why is Groundhog Day my favorite holiday?
That is an excellent question. I like Groundhog Day because of its basic silliness and ridiculousness. It's all about staring at a grumpy rodent, expecting it to predict the future! (Really no stranger than asking a weathermanperson to do so though....)

There is no religion or country or philosophy that its based on; it's something that can be embraced by everyone. Also (aside from in Punxsutawney) it is one of the least commercialized holidays out there! There are no gifts to buy, meals to make, cards to send. No obligations or expectations, no stress -- just good clean fun.

Besides, not many people list groundhog day as their favorite holiday. I like to be different. *grin*

Today I'm wearing my groundhog day sweatshirt that C bought me in 2003 (a flagrant violation of the company dress code, I'm afraid, but I put a nice wool jacket over it). I had a fancy cookie made, because it was my day to bring treats into the office. I wrote this nice LJ post, and I'm wishing everybody I see a happy groundhog day. Other than that, I have no groundhog plans -- I don't need any! If I developed any traditions or rituals, that would take away from the whole reason I like the holiday so much....
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