alpaca princess (renniekins) wrote,
alpaca princess

New Keyboard

I got a fancy schmancy new keyboard today at CompUSA. The only purpose of this post is, really, to try it out. It has a bunch of buttons at the top, and a scroll wheel in the middle of my spacebar!

(I'm still deciding if I like that part or not -- it's awesome in theory, but so far it's getting a little bit in the way. I'm a left-thumbed-spacer, and while there is room on the left side my thumb seems to prefer to space where the scroll is.)

But the wheel has a blue LED light, which is pretty cool. And there's a pretty blue light at the top of the keyboard as well. Nifty!

I need to install the drivers to get all of these extra buttons working. Then I'll have a clearer idea of how fun it is. But right now I'm trying out the very most important part of all -- the typing. So far, except for the left-spacebar issue, everything feel like it's in the expected spots. I haven't made any weird typos. The keys are pretty comfortable to type on.

Not bad, for $15. I only got it because (1) my keyboard was very dirty (darn cats), and I didn't feel like tediously taking it apart and cleaning it, and (2) it's got the cool wheel and extra buttons, and most importantly (3) it was cheap.

When in the course of human events.... wait, I don't know that one. Um, the quick brown fox jumped over the lazy red dog. Yeah, that's one! I think I have the colors backward. But I am pretty sure the words are right. Or at least close, hopefully all the letters are in there.

Oh wait, I found a discrepancy. The \ key is below the enter, where half of the shift belongs. The enter key is taking up the space I normally expect to find the \ in. Why would anybody put the \ down there? I'm used to using that part of the shift button when I select text.

Well, two minuses so far. The left-space and the shift\ issue. Well, I'll keep it for a couple of days, at least, and decide if the changes are annoying enough to make the nice blue lights and the extra buttons no longer worthshile.

It sure is nice to have a clean keyboard though, I'll tell ya that!
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