alpaca princess (renniekins) wrote,
alpaca princess

New rear-view mirror

New rear-view mirror
Oooh, look what I got! A new rear-view mirror for my monitor here at work. Now I'll be able to see whenever anybody comes up behind me, even though I sit with my back to the cubicle's entrance.

I had an improvised mirror perched on top of my monitor for years, which consisted of a CD proped up with a binder clip weighted down by a quarter (I also used tape, a post-it, and a paperclip to complete the apparatus. Fun with office supplies!). This one works lots better though, because the surface is rounded so it displays more. I got it for free from ThinkGeek with my accumulated geek points.

Also, you know what else this means? I finally get to spend the quarter. Yay, free money!

And yes, that's Bun-bun also sitting on my monitor.
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