alpaca princess (renniekins) wrote,
alpaca princess

I'm back.

Had a good weekend. Saturday I was on my own most of the day, and did some shopping, had quite a bit of time for introspection. So I did a lot of introspecting. I'm not sure I came to any decent conclusions. Mostly I just thought in circles I guess.

I did have some success shopping though, so at least for now I'll talk about that. Usually malls exhaust me after about an hour, but this time I lasted over 2 hours! I went to VS and bought some pretty underwear and stuff. I did this first, because I had a bit of a bra crisis over the weekend. I have this one bra, which I accidentally put in the clothes-drier awhile back. Sometimes this works, and sometimes not. Obviously this was one of the "not" times. The hook got caught on something, and bent all out of shape. For some reason, Friday morning I decided that I wanted to wear the broken bra. Probably because I was already wearing the matching bottoms, and it's a cute pattern. So I went to the basement, got a pair of pliers, and bent the hook back. I fastened it, and all seemed well.

It wasn't until I put on my jacket later on in the day that it came unfastened. Apparently I didn't bend the hook enough after all. It then continued to come unfastened each time I removed or donned my jacket. Each time I would reach behind, hook it back up, and continue on with my life, because I didn't have time to change.

Guess what item I managed to forget to pack on my weekend sojourn! Yes, that's right: an additional bra of course. So the first thing I did when I got to the mall was find myself a new and unbroken one. Kind of nice, actually, to have an excuse (even a need!) to buy them. I got some nice stuff, and all on sale.

After VS, I wandered around for quite awhile. I didn't actually need anything else, although I was thinking a new pair of black jeans would be very helpful, since mine are very faded. Of course, I failed to find any that fit, although I did find a style I quite liked. They were just out of the size I needed. I did find 2 silk shirts on the clearance rack. Originally $50 each, I got them both for only $25 total. Yay! Very pretty, and thrifty.

Eventually the mall won though, as it always will. Being made of stone and metal, it has a much higher endurance than do I. Completely worn out, I glanced at a few more things, but couldn't stand the thought of waiting in another line, struggling in and out of clothes in another fitting room, or buying another item. So I walked back to my hotel, carefully avoiding being hit by the interstate traffic, and took a nap.
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